20 years and counting

a sit down with Chris Quast

He is always on the Go (no pun intended). Always in a rush, thinking about the next 10 steps he wants to make. Fiercely and passionately masterminding his next plan. He is the type of person that will tell you straight up what he thinks. If you mess up, you will hear about it, but if you need anything, he’s there for you unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

Born in 1969, Chris always knew what to do in this ever changing world. He saw a future where the transition towards digitalization was inevitable. Driven by a passion for his first love, printing, he established himself and his company, One Media Group as a ‘jack of all trades’. Offering printing, publishing, design and marketing services with 20 years of experience under the belt.

His passion was photography. Deciding what he wanted to choose as his career seemed easy in his eyes. So he enrolled at the ‘Grafische MTS’ in Eindhoven, under the impression that he would be studying how to shoot life through a lens. There was 1 class. To be exact, a print reproduction and photography class. He learned everything about old school printing, not digital printing. “Back in the day you would print the text out on photographic paper, pass it through a machine with candle wax, than you stick the text, together with the pictures on the big sheets of paper. But remember, that is just the beginning. There are more technical processes that take place before the whole process is completed. Everything was done manually! You are part of the experience in comparison to nowadays where everything is done digitally”. Chris explained with clear excitement in his eyes traveling back in time to the moment he realized he had fallen in love.

His voyage into the world of printing continued after graduation. His next move in this game of chess we call life, was to move back home and make a change in the printing world.

Back home

Interpress (now One Media Group) was established in ’97. He had to establish himself as someone who could get the work done. He was approached to make credit cards. He was clueless on how to start with this process, but he rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Learned every single detail about making a credit card and succeeded. This was the beginning to defining his own professional limitations.

On the 10th year anniversary of One Media Group in 2007, he attended the largest trade show for printing services in the world. While in Germany, he noticed that traditional printing was taking a different route. Laser printing was picking up, everything was slowly but surely being digitalized. He had an epiphany. Data collection was the future. In other words, personalizing a customer’s experience was the next big step.

Before departing for Germany, he registered to the event. Giving them personal information. For instance, where he came from, his age, some of his interests and so on. Upon arrival he noticed that the brochure given to him, was personalized. All the information (data) he provided, was used to cater to his needs. He knew, in a split second that he needed to adapt to what the future would bring.


While expanding services and moving along with technology, the name had to change. It simply didn’t work anymore. It was a great name, but it did not resonate with the new direction that Chris wanted to sail to. So one day while sitting in a plane, and thinking about different names that would represent the current identity of the company, all of a sudden it came to him. Marketing, creation, printing and publishing under one roof. What could it be? “Oh My God!” came loud and clear out of his mouth and One Media Group was born.


Coming from humble beginnings, Chris is a self-made man. Contrary (perhaps) to the believe of others. So when he was able to carve his own path, he chose to proof that he could establish himself as a successful, visionary, entrepreneur, friend, and employer but most importantly as a family man.

Family is everything to him. Not only his wife and kids, but his OMG family is a big part of his success. Having worked and still working with people for over 20 years, the development of the company could not be possible without the hard work, loyalty and dedication that both families have shown him over the years. Together they have faced adversities such as in 2010 when Hurricane Thomas decided to create a little mess of his own. This big blow was a test of endurance to OMG. The damage was of such an extent, that production stopped for a few weeks, until machinery could be repaired. OMG united as one and persevered to this day.

Yours truly

Go Weekly’s birth came in 2005 when OMG wanted to add a different dimension to the existing formula. Having the machinery, the expertise and the man power to print, there was one question lingering around the air. Why not come up with our own content in a refreshing way? Initially the Go Weekly contained little content, featuring mainly pictures of events around the island. This is when Margery Quast came into the picture. Under the guidance of Ingrid de Maayer she learned all the ropes and transformed the Go into what it is today. An informative, fun and up-to-date magazine free to the public. Whilst being Chris’s initial idea, he gives full credit to the creative team of writers, designers and sales representatives for delivering inspiring stories showcasing our local talents on a weekly basis.

Just the beginning

Recently expanding business opportunities abroad (such as My Malls which is an online shopping facilitator that ships your goods all the way to your door) the future looks bright for Chris and his OMG family. As he’s proven of the last 20 years, struggles will keep on coming, but it is a winning attitude and the people that surround him, which makes his journey one worth living for every single day.